1940s: Carl Basler Carl Basler begins Basler Electric in a shop in his father's garage in the small industrial town of Highland, Illinois. Early work is primarily rewinding and repairing electric equipment.
1950s Basler begins manufacturing power supplies and rectifiers.

First solid-state voltage regulator is introduced. Thousands of SR regulators are still in service.
1960s First solid-state protective relay is sold for the oil-exploration and drilling industries. Manufacturing of Class 2 transformers begin.
1970s First static excitation system for control large utility-scale electrical power generation is developed. Revolutionized the design of Class 2 transformers by introducing bobbin winding with welded lamination, spray impregnation, and base-plate construction.
1980s Taylor, Texas facility is opened which now manufactures sophisticated protection, control, and regulation products.
1990s Patent received for microprocessor-based voltage regulator Transformer manufacturing plant is opened in Mexico.
1990s contd. Introduced the first of a family of DECS (Digital Excitation Control Systems). Introduced BE1 numeric multifunction protective relaying systems.
1990s contd. Introduced first microprocessor-based multifunction genset controller, the DGC-2000.
2000s Addition of the ECS2100 expands capabilities to include large-scale excitation systems International operations are expanded with by establishment of a sales and technical office in Suzhou, China.
2000s contd. Continued expansion of international operations with the opening of a sales, marketing, and technical support office in Singapore.
2010s High-performance DECS-250 is introduced; the next generation in microprocessor-based voltage regulators and flagship of the DECS family of regulation products. Full-service plastic molding company is acquired to provide a stable supply base for plastic parts and to expand product offering.
2010s contd. DECS-2100 digital excitation control system is introduced for the power generation industry to enhance and improve the performance and reliability of utility-level power generation facilities. Basler's 75th anniversary is celebrated in 2017