Introducing the SMC-250 Synchronous Motor Controller


Recently, Basler Electric introduced the SMC-250 Synchronous Motor Controller. It is the next generation of motor controller systems, developed from the success of its predecessor, the DECS-200 Synchronous Motor Controller. The SMC-250 features Basler’s cutting-edge DECS-250 Digital Excitation Controller and recently enhanced BE1-11m Motor Protection System.

The SMC-250 is designed, built, and tested as one fully configurable system. Integrating both motor control and protection in one system is not easily found in today’s marketplace. Basler has capitalized on this by creating a common global design and manufacturing process, using the same components so that identical systems can be manufactured no matter which Basler facility throughout the world the system originates from. This flexibility, along with Basler’s expertise in both motor control and protection, allows it to create an all-in-one solution for customers worldwide.

For more information, visit the Synchronous Motor Controller section of the website.
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