Announcing DGC-2020HD Enhancements


Now with an optional color touch screen display – and more!

Basler Electric is pleased to announce new features that make the DGC-2020HD Digital Genset Controller even more user-friendly. The DGC-2020HD is an advanced but rugged genset control system designed for paralleling and complex load sharing schemes. With comprehensive control, metering, expandability, and protection capabilities, the DGC-2020HD is a total system solution for generator set applications. Its compact package allows users to save space and money.

Color Touch Screen Display
An optional full color touch screen display is larger than the standard monochrome display and provides easier navigation and control. With its 272 by 480 pixel area, all aspects are shown in much higher resolution than the standard LCD’s 64 by 128 pixel area. A one-line system diagram on the overview screen contains active controls for operating breakers and metering system components with a simple touch. Interactive scroll bars make navigation faster by allowing users to skip directly to the desired portion of the list. A full color photo of the genset can even be uploaded and displayed on the splash screen during power-up.

BESTCOMSPlus® Settings Loader Tool
The BESTCOMSPlus® Settings Loader Tool is being introduced with this installment of the DGC-2020HD, but it supports all Basler products compatible with BESTCOMSPlus®. With this software tool, settings are instantly loaded into a device by simply scanning a bar code. This greatly benefits genset manufacturers who can instantly upload genset-specific settings to each compatible Basler device in their assemblies.

For more information, visit the Digital Genset Controller page.
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