ES-25 with Ground Terminal


A ground terminal has been added to the ES-25 Sync-Check Relay. The ground terminal was added to the relay for customers who may have concerns about the presence of stray voltages with reference to system ground when one of the voltage-sensing inputs is open-circuited.

On the previous ES-25 design, if voltage is applied to one of the voltage-sensing inputs, either Bus or Gen, and the other voltage-sensing input is open-circuited, a leakage potential may be observed on the open-circuit input when measured with reference to system ground. The maximum leakage current available to system ground observed under this condition is less than 0.0002 amps. Safety agency standards (UL, IEC) do not consider this a safety concern.

To address the concerns of customers who may view this as an issue, Basler has added a chassis ground terminal to eliminate the presence of the described stray-voltage potential. The ES-25, equipped with a ground terminal, can be used either with or without the ground terminal connected and will function as described in the instruction manual.
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