Availability of Two New Configuration Options Add to Flexibility of the DGC-2020HD


Two new mounting configurations of Basler’s DGC-2020HD Digital Genset Controller are now available. The new DIN rail and rear panel mount options add to the flexibility of the already versatile DGC-2020HD. These new configurations allow the unit to be remotely mounted and monitored at the ideal location in a system.

Now, the DGC-2020HD can be mounted behind the panel in a generator set, breaker, or switchgear. The flexible configuration options provide a time and cost savings by removing the need for additional wire runs. In applications that do not require an operator interface located directly at the panel, these new configurations reduce cost and improve versatility as the user can utilize the DGC-2020HD’s extensive communication capabilities to integrate with the application's control system using peer-to-peer DGC communications, SCADA systems, or remote user interface panels.

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