Introducing the SMC-150 Synchronous Motor Controller


Basler Electric is pleased to introduce the SMC-150 Synchronous Motor Controller as the newest product in the Synchronous Motor Control (SMC) line of integrated excitation systems.

The SMC-150 offers many of the features found in the SMC-250 for excitation systems that require less excitation current. The SMC-150 utilizes the advanced technology of the DECS-150 Digital Excitation Control System and has many exciting features, which include: 
  • Integrated programmable logic,
  • Enhanced communication capabilities, 
  • Motor protection, and 
  • Inrush current limiting for station bus power inputs to the DECS-150. 
The SMC-150 product bulletin has a style chart that defines the features and functions of a standard system. This simplifies the selection process and reduces the lead time for system delivery. Just pick the style and Basler does the rest. It could not be easier to select a technology-leading excitation system.

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