Introducing the DECS-250N Digital Excitation Control System


Basler Electric is pleased to introduce the latest digital voltage regulator in the DECS product line. The new DECS-250N extends all of the field-proven features and functions of the DECS product line, while incorporating a powerful 20A Negative Forcing power stage to provide precise control and exceptional transient response. The DECS-250N incorporates features such as an integrated Power System Stabilizer, Automatic Synchronizer, integrated programmable logic, enhanced communication capabilities, and superior data capturing capabilities.

The DECS-250N has the advanced capability of auto tuning. This powerful innovation automatically measures system responses and creates PID parameters to ensure optimal system response. This amazing capability saves time and money by minimizing commissioning time and system setup efforts.

Another new and powerful feature of the DECS-250N is reactive load sharing via communications. This feature allows multiple units to communicate over Ethernet communications to share the reactive power output of all machines on the network to the load. This provides the benefit of perfect load sharing at zero droop within the network without the maintenance and drawbacks associated with conventional hardwired reactive differential compensation. Basler Electric’s DECS-250N Digital Excitation Control System offers high performance, superior flexibility, and extreme reliability for AC synchronous generators. Its broad feature set and multiple communication options make the DECS-250N a complete system solution in a reliable and cost effective package.

For more information, visit the DECS-250N, Digital Excitation Control System page.
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