Introducing the SGC-250N Synchronous Generator Controller


Basler Electric is pleased to introduce the SGC-250N Synchronous Generator Controller. The SGC-250N is a prepackaged generator control system utilizing the DECS-250N Digital Excitation Control System with negative forcing and 20 Adc excitation current with an optional BE1-11g Generator Protection System to provide total control and protection in one complete system. The SGC-250N’s chassis mounted construction provides a compact preconfigured, prewired, and pretested solution for easy installation into a new cubical or existing enclosure, saving installation and commissioning time.

Similar to the SGC-250, the SGC-250N has a simplified style chart to select different features and options, including a dual DECS-250N. The dual controllers offer additional reliability by having one controller serve as the primary and the other independent controller serve as a backup to prevent an inadvertent shutdown.  

Basler Electric’s SGC-250N Synchronous Generator Controller offers high performance, superior flexibility, and extreme reliability for the control and protection of synchronous generators. Its broad feature set and style options make the SGC-250N a complete system solution in a cost effective package to align with a wide range of applications.

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