Protecting Distributed Generation in California is Easier Now that the BE1-11 Protection System is PG&E Approved


The leading cause of protection misoperations is incorrect settings. Basler solves this problem by providing the easiest-to-set protection available. We always strive to develop easy-to-use and reliable products. The BE1-11 reaches new levels of ease and reliability.
  • Simplified startup with our preprogrammed logic files featuring application notes and workspace files for intertie and generation applications.
  • Easily customized logic to meet your application's needs with our intuitive and easy-to-change logic featuring built-in annotation capabilities.
  • Ensure your relay is properly programmed with the BESTCOMSPlus® error checking capabilities and summary information. 
  • Eliminate commissioning errors by verifying your logic with our offline simulator before programming the relay. 
To learn how these features can bring simplicity to your protection designs, visit the BE1-11i Intertie Protection System and BE1-11g Generator Protection System product pages.
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