Prepackaged Synchronous Generator Controller Reduces Engineering and Instal


The flexibility of digital control provides solutions for obsolete excitation systems by providing increased machine capability range at reasonable cost. In this application note, the redundant SGC-250 prepackaged retrofit solution is discussed for use on small to medium sized synchronous machines with either brush or brushless type rotating exciters. The redundant SGC-250 offers the advantage of two digital controllers that communicate via parallel ports to maintain the generator output voltage via the field of the exciter. The redundant controllers offer the means to use the second controller as a voltage regulator or an independent manual control. The prepackaged system can be supplied as panels for installation in an existing excitation cabinet or the panel can be supplied in its own NEMA 1 enclosure.

The redundant SGC-250 package is intended for those applications where an independent manual control may have otherwise been required, or where there is a need to have increased reliability in the excitation system at an affordable cost. The SGC-250 offers the ability to automate plant controls and meet the various agencies' directives for performance, model simulations/testing and functions dictated by such agencies as NERC and MAPP that require certification for generators connected to the public power grid.

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