DECS-450 Transition Plate

The new Transition Plate makes the transition
from DECS-400 to DECS-450 simple and easy

  • An adapter for fast and simple incorporation on to a DECS-450
  • No wire harness adjustments are needed
  • No need to strip and re-lug wires
  • Same panel cutout and mounting as the DECS-400 (we even include the hardware)
  • Nearly identical terminal locations when compared to a DECS-400
  • BESTCOMSPlus® offers:
    • PID and Gains Settings conversion
    • Programmable Logic files that mimic the DECS-400 capabilities
  • The DECS-450 interfaces with the existing Field Isolation Module
Product Overview
DECS-450 transition plate

Quick and Easy Transition

Basler implements product strategies that avoid forced obsolescence. With our new innovations, we look at the existing products and make them as backward compatible as possible to make the transition to the new products simple and easy.

To facilitate the transition from the DECS-400 to the DECS-450, Basler included several features in the DECS-450 to allow for fast and easy replacement from mechanical considerations to our BESTCOMSPlus® software and conversion tools. Our goal is to make the conversion to state of the art technology simple and fast while saving you time and money.

Custom Solutions

For over 77 years customers have relied on Basler to deliver innovative, technologically advanced products and we've done it again. The DECS-450 is the latest advancement in the excitation system market. It incorporates all of Basler's experience and innovations in this field to make the DECS-450 the new standard in excitation control.

Visit the DECS-450 product page to learn how Basler's newest innovation can solve your most challenging excitation system issues.

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Complete Excitation Line

Complete Excitation Line

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Basler also provides technical support indefinitely. As long as components are available, we will provide our customers with repair services. Our Technical Support experts are available anytime by phone or email to provide solutions.

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