New SR and SSR Retrofit Static Voltage Regulators


Basler Electric is pleased to announce the new SR and SSR Retrofit Static Voltage Regulators. These economical, direct replacements for Basler’s SR and SSR voltage regulators are designed for simple installation with few system adjustments for the user. Each retrofit kit contains either an AVC63-12 or AVC125-10 voltage regulator, in some cases an AVC sensing module, integrated CT burden matching, and terminal-to-terminal wiring.

Simple retrofit saves time and money
One metal case houses the AVC63-12 or AVC125-10 automatic voltage regulator and the AVC sensing module. No wiring or extra pieces are required. All of the mounting and wiring is designed to be “drop in” with little effort required for field replacement of the original voltage regulator. An accessory input provides compatibility with devices such as var/power factor controllers or excitation limiters. The kits allow the paralleling current input burden to be matched to the existing system, providing compatibility with systems utilizing cross-current compensation. The external device connected to the accessory input provides a signal to correct for vars/power factor and to change the excitation level. The standard retrofit kits, utilizing the field proven reliability of the AVC voltage regulator, can easily replace multiple models, including custom models, of the SR and SSR voltage regulators.

Helps keep equipment up and running
The new SR and SSR retrofit voltage regulator packages provide quick and easy updates to systems that use the Basler SR and SSR voltage regulators. Utilizing the rugged and reliable potted AVC voltage regulator as the heart of the system gives assurance that this replacement system will provide the same reliable operation as the original SR/SSR it replaces.

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