BE1-FLEX, Protection - Automation - Control System

The BE1-FLEX Protection, Automation, and Control System is designed to be configurable for nearly any Power System application. The BE1-FLEX can cover a wide application spectrum as it can be configured for any combination of functions available. The large configurable touchscreen provides an application specific user interface. To support unknown future needs, the BE1-FLEX can simply turn on extra functions not common for an application, change or upgrade boards, field upgrade non-hardware style options, and securely update firmware all without needing to remove it from the installation.

Visit BE1-FLEX 'Hands-On' for interactive 3D viewing and additional learning tools.


  • A single, cost effective device for nearly any protection, automation or control application that minimizes future design methodology changes. As changes are needed, simply enable or modify the required functionality.
  • Consolidate system designs from hundreds of devices into one, which greatly reduces training requirements while increasing system knowledge.
  • Reduce sensory and device overload by displaying and utilizing only what is needed for an application.
  • Prioritize and ensure function confidence with Basic and Advanced views of many features.
  • The HMI Home Screen provides system status and control to avoid HMI navigation and changing system condition issues.
  • Reliability and lead times are optimized by consolidated build options.
  • Automatically configured reports ensure an event is always recorded to simplify root cause analysis.
  • Fine tune protection and control with reconfigurable and high zone count configurations.
  • Security logs automatically record potential undesired access attempts.
  • See inside the box with Live Logic Metering to visualize all input and output functions from a single BESTCOMSPlus® screen.
  • Easily view logic from the HMI with pinch-to-zoom functionality.


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