DGC-2020HD: Now with ABS Marine Recognition


The DGC-2020HD Digital Genset Controller is now recognized per standard IACS UR (sections E10 and E22) by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) under ABS Rules SVR Part 4, Design Assessment.

When your shipboard gensets require control, metering, and protection in an easy-to-use, reliable, rugged, and cost-effective package, the DGC-2020HD, with integrated programmable logic, is the total solution. It’s easy to install, its compact package allows you to save space and money, and it comes with the assurance of years of reliable operation. The DGC-2020HD is also well suited for mains fail and systems with multiple buses with capabilities to easily integrate high-end paralleling and complex load sharing schemes. Other typical applications are in data centers, heavy industrial complexes, and switchgear. The DGC-2020HD is UL 6200 recognized, CE approved, CSA certified, features an IP56 rating per IEC 60529, and is NFPA-110 compatible.

The DGC-2020HD comes with simple and easy-to-use BESTCOMSPlus® PC software and programmable logic. This software is provided at no additional cost and is used to program, control, and monitor the parameters of the genset, onsite or remotely. This program is used in all Basler controllers, the BE1-11 Protection System, and the DECS-250 Digital Excitation Control System, allowing the user the convenience of needing to learn only one software program for all genset applications.

With comprehensive control, metering, expandability, and protection capabilities, the DGC-2020HD Digital Genset Controller is a total system solution for the complex and environmental challenges of marine industry genset applications.

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