New Compact Static Excitation Control


Basler Electric announces the latest addition to its Digital Excitation Control System product offering, the DECS-250E. The new compact, static excitation system is compatible with synchronous motors and generators that require excitation levels up to 200 Adc continuously. Its space-saving design incorporates a positive-forcing rectifier bridge, which makes it ideal for small hydroelectric and diesel generator sets that are statically excited.

As with other Basler products, the DECS-250E is compatible with BESTCOMSPlus®, a powerful and intuitive software program that allows users to monitor system parameters, input settings, and easily configure logic - and it provides tools to minimize commission time.

The DECS-250E utilizes the same features and functions offered in the industry leading DECS-250 family such as:
  • Automatic synchronizer
  • Integrated programmable logic
  • Automatic tuning
  • Wide array of communication capabilities
  • Superior data capturing capabilities
For more information about this exciting new excitation control system, visit the DECS-250E page.
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