Introducing the VRM-2020


Basler Electric's new Voltage Regulation Module (VRM-2020) is an optional remote device for the DGC-2020HD designed to provide excitation to the field of a brushless exciter for automatic voltage regulation (var/PF control). Available RTD inputs provide monitoring, protection, and metering of system temperatures including winding or bearing temperatures. An optional exciter diode monitor checks the health of the rotating diodes, detecting abnormal conditions such as an open or shorted diode.

The feature-loaded  VRM-2020 contains the following functions:
  • Five pre-position setpoints for each control mode
  • Internal tracking between AVR and FCR operating mode setpoints
  • PID stability group with Auto Tune feature
  • Real-time metering of field voltage and current
  • Soft start and voltage build-up control
  • Integrated limiters including Overexcitation, Underexcitation, Underfrequency, and V/Hz
  • Communications via controller area network (CAN)

To learn more about this new voltage regulation solution, visit the VRM-2020 page.

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