Software update notifications with your Basler online account


In an effort to serve our customers better, Basler Electric has implemented a unique service to make you aware of changes to our product and, specifically, to help you manage software and firmware revisions updates. This program is designed to help you stay advised of changes to our products, especially when you need to be aware of changes that involve security patches.

If you already have a Basler Electric online account, you can enroll by:
  1. Logging in to your account 
  2. From the My Account page, click Firmware/Software Update Notifications 
  3. Follow the simple on-screen instructions to enroll.
If you do not have an online account, simply visit our Create an Account page. It’s easy! Once your account is approved, you can register for email notifications of firmware/software changes to our products. You will receive an update email once a month, and updates that involve security patches will be specifically identified for you.

We believe that this easy-to-use complimentary service will greatly assist you to manage software/firmware revisions. We value you as a customer and appreciate your continued support. See more news