Improved flexibility and simplicity: Basler listens


Generator system availability is important. When a machine is unable to start automatically as expected, backup provisions are needed. Based on customer feedback, Basler Electric upgraded and improved its IDP-801 Interactive Display Panel
  1. The IDP-801 provides a START/STOP command to the excitation control system to start or stop excitation. This feature eliminates the need to connect to the controller via a computer to initiate a start or a stop command to the excitation system.
  2. The IDP-801 has an available Spanish language setting. This flexible user interface is as simple as pressing a button to change the language from English to Spanish.
The START/STOP command and Spanish language setting are standard on every IDP-801 at no additional charge. To upgrade an IDP-801 that is already in service, please contact Basler Electric’s Technical Sales Support team to obtain an updated configuration file.
When the IDP-801’s new START/STOP command is selected, the user’s backup procedures coordinate the process with other system control aspects. The START/STOP command feature is also available in Basler’s IDP-1201 and IDP-1500.

The IDP-801 Interactive Display Panel is a high-resolution 190.5 mm (7.5 inch) color touch screen interface that permits operators to:
  • monitor Basler Electric’s Digital Excitation Control Systems.
  • perform control operations.
  • make routine adjustments to various set points.
This next generation HMI can be placed locally (on the excitation system cubicle door) or remotely (in a control room). The IDP-801 is compatible with Basler Electric’s DECS-250, DECS-250N, DECS-250E and DECS-400 excitation systems.

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