Basler is “in sync” with Auto-Synchronization


In an effort to increase reliability and offer cost-effective solutions for our customers, we have consolidated the number of components that perform both voltage matching and speed control for automatic synchronization of generators. This function has now been integrated into several products that primarily provide excitation control and/or system protection. Basler’s DECS-250, DECS-250N, DECS-2100, and BE1-11g can easily be configured for auto-synchronization.

Merging any one of the Digital Excitation Control (DECS) products mentioned above with the BE1-11g Generator Protection System provides a complete excitation control and generator protection package that can also provide auto-synchronization with sync-check capabilities. Basler’s SGC-250 Synchronous Generator Controller is just one solution that offers a compact preconfigured solution for control and protection.

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