Enhancements to Digital Voltage Regulators and Interactive Display Panels Provide Improved Usage with Synchronous Motor Applications


Basler Electric’s DECS-250 and DECS-250N Digital Excitation Control Systems and IDP-800 Interactive Display Panel have been enhanced for improved use with synchronous motor applications.

The DECS-250 and DECS-250N regulators have been updated to be even better equipped for motor applications. Both systems now have the capability to operate in motor mode, which changes the labeled parameters in the BESTCOMSPlus® software program and inverts the polarity sign on metered values to reflect the proper directional flow of the current and power.

The IDP-800 has been upgraded with a new style option C to make it compatible with the enhanced DECS-250 and DECS-250N systems and the SMC-250 Synchronous Motor Controller. The IDP-800 Interactive Display Panel is a high-resolution 7.5 inch (190.5 mm) color touch screen interface that permits an operator to monitor compatible Basler systems, perform control operations, and make routine adjustments to various set points. This next generation HMI can be placed locally on the excitation system cubicle door or remotely in a control room.

New features incorporated in the IDP-800 include updated screens for input/output status, configurable protection status, PSS status, alarm history, and improved motor metering. The IDP-800 can monitor an AEM-2020 Analog Expansion Module and/or a CEM-2020 Contact Expansion Module when they are connected to the DECS-250 or DECS-250N. Additional screens are available when either or both module options are selected under the Configuration menu in BESTCOMSPlus®.

Additionally, the IDP-800 now features programmable alarms, AEM inputs, RTD inputs, Remote Thermocouple inputs, and DECS statuses on a single screen. The new Status Index screen simplifies locating, navigating, and interrogating.

For synchronous generator applications, Basler offers an integrated solution that incorporates the DECS-250 or DECS-250N in a prewired and compact package called the SGC-250 or SGC-250N Synchronous Generator Controller. The newly enhanced IDP-800 is compatible with both systems. See more news