DECS-2100 Versatility Provides Front End Retrofit for EX2000 Digital Control


The technological advancements of generator controls in the late 1980s and early 1990s led to the emergence of digital excitation systems. These new systems were well received by both the industrial and utility markets containing brushless excited generators and the main field static exciter generator systems. Twenty-five years later, some of these original systems and their components can no longer be supported. There are several reasons and options to upgrade these systems — and Basler Electric has an economic solution.

The GE EX2000 is one of the vintage excitation systems that needs to be modernized and upgraded because it is no longer supported. However, its obsolescence typically only involves the control electronics; the large power components, the power thyristor bridge, the breaker and the power potential transformer (PPT), usually remain viable as a working system.

Basler Electric has engineered a Front End Retrofit: the DECS-2100 Digital Excitation Control System. The controller inside the EX2000 is replaced with Basler’s ECM-2 Excitation Control Module. The existing digital core controller interface boards, the bulk power supplies, the field ground detector, DX (de-excitation) module, the I/O boards, the PT/CT sensing card, the PT/CT test switches, and the customer terminal blocks are removed. These components are replaced by panels that will be placed in the same general location as the components that were removed. The new controller is placed on an easily mounted panel along with the other new components that are prewired with convenient interface terminal blocks for interconnection.
Today’s requirements differ much from those of the 1990s. Regional agencies, under the umbrella of NERC (North American Electric Regulatory Council), require model validation of the generator and excitation system that can involve extensive testing. The DECS-2100 configuration software, Basler’s BESTCOMS™Pro, provides a means to easily accomplish generator voltage step and frequency responses to verify models with less testing time required.

Retrofitting the EX2000 with Basler’s DECS-2100 extends the life of the excitation system and improves the control and operation of the overall system.
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