Announcing the Enhanced DGC-2020HD


Basler Electric is pleased to announce the newly enhanced DGC-2020HD Digital Genset Controller. The new features have taken this high-end controller, introduced last year, to the next level of performance. It is a complete all-in-one genset controller and load share system with the same reliability and flexibility expected of Basler Genset Controllers with new features to make complex paralleled genset systems easy to control and maintain.

System Segmentation
includes tie breaker control and enhanced communication capabilities for total system management. DGC-2020HD controllers can easily adjust to system changes, including the addition and removal of gensets, loads, and utility intertie connections. This functionality allows users to create a "smart" system and exceptional reliability within their power generation and delivery systems.

Load Shedding allows users to program and prioritize critical loads to maintain power levels and stay online depending on the system's generating capabilities. Load Shedding functionality monitors the demand levels on the system, and if the generation capabilities are unable to sustain a load, will open the breaker to that load, continue to monitor the system, and will add loads back accordingly.

Peak Shaving and Import / Export Control automatically adjust the level of system generation to control the peak import or export of power. Use of this feature maintains the utility power consumption of the loads during peak demands which, in some cases, helps the user avoid costly penalties.

A Maintenance Mode logic element intelligently allows units to come online or offline, as necessary, to match the system demand to ensure smooth transitions during planned maintenance shutdowns.

Email Notification
is a new feature that helps users remotely monitor gensets. Email notifications are sent to designated addresses when an alarm or fault condition is detected so that action can be taken.

Typical applications for these controllers are locations where maintaining the power is critical. Some of these locations include data storage centers for the financial and banking industries, social media giants, and online retailers. The DGC-2020HD can also be applied in complexes and factories, where losing power and shutting down the business's primary processes could cause loss of revenue or substantial damage. The DGC-2020HD is a reliable, powerful, and rugged (fully potted) genset control system, and its compact package allows users to save space and money.

These enhancements of the DGC-2020HD have taken the top end product of Basler Electric's comprehensive line of genset controllers, and driven it higher with more system level controls, reporting and diagnostics, and protection capabilities for complete system management in nearly any genset application. See more news