Introducing the DECS-150 Digital Excitation Control System


Basler Electric is pleased to introduce the latest digital voltage regulator in the DECS product family. The new DECS-150 extends the field-proven features, functions, and flexibility of the DECS product line. Powerful features such as auto tuning, optional Power System Stabilizer, integrated programmable logic, and enhanced communication capabilities are incorporated in a compact and rugged package.

The DECS-150’s innovative auto tuning function automatically measures system responses and creates PID parameters to ensure optimal system response. This amazing capability saves time and money by minimizing commissioning time and system setup efforts.

BESTCOMSPlus® with user friendly drag-and-drop programmable logic is paired with the DECS-150’s programmable I/O to allow for quick system setup that is easily custom configured to meet broad application requirements.

The structurally-reinforced, potted construction, with available IP 54 protection from moisture and dust, makes the DECS-150 the ideal voltage regulator, even in the harshest environments. Industry leading shock and vibration specifications, wide operating temperature range, noise immunity, and HALT assure DECS-150 users years of reliable service. 

Basler Electric’s DECS-150 Digital Excitation Control System offers high performance, superior flexibility, and extreme reliability for ac synchronous generators. The DECS-150's broad feature set makes it a complete system solution in a reliable and cost-effective package.

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