Announcing the New ES Series Protection Relays


Basler Electric is pleased to announce the newly designed ES Series Protection Relays. Designed to simplify protection, ES Protection Relays cover a wide range of applications including Generator, Transformer, Distribution, Process Control, Auto Transfer Schemes, and Motor applications.

ES Relays are equipped with many high-end, sophisticated features not typically found in a low-cost device. ES Series Protection Relays offer the security and performance you have come to expect from Basler Electric with more than 50 years of providing protective relay solutions.

Fundamental Sensing technology, not usually found in a low-cost product, gives you high-end harmonic protection capabilities that prevent false tripping and allow you to be more selective.

DIN-Rail Mounting provides fast, easy, cost-saving, and compact installation, making the installation process a snap.

HMI Front-Panel-Accessible Adjustments make settings simple and intuitive. No PC required. Avoid costly settings errors stemming from overly complex LCD menus, communication ports, and software settings.

Front-Panel Indications utilize purpose-specific colors to provide intuitive, easy-to-understand indication of system status, greatly reducing accidental misinterpretations that could lead to downtime.

Digital Microprocessor Design is extremely accurate to ensure a high level of dependability and security, giving you confidence in your settings.

Internal Diagnostics provides high-end, self-monitoring capability to detect internal component failure and, in the unlikely event of an internal failure, flashes the Power LED.

Many Self-Powered Options eliminate the need for additional power sources, providing protection when battery power is not available.

Models Available in Six Standard Voltages (120V, 208V, 240V, 380V, 415V, and 480V).

Available Models Include:
  • ES-25 - Sync-Check
  • ES-27 - Undervoltage
  • ES-59 - Overvoltage
  • ES-27/59 - Under/Overvoltage
  • ES-32 - Power
  • ES-37 - Undercurrent
  • ES-51 - Overcurrent
  • ES-37/51 - Under/Overcurrent
  • ES-47 - Voltage Reverse Phase Rotation
  • ES-47N - Voltage Phase Unbalance
  • ES-47N/27 - Voltage Phase Unbalance with Undervoltage
  • ES-49 - Resistance Temperature Detector
  • ES-74S - Transducer/Shunt Sensing DC Millivolt
  • ES-74V - DC Voltage
  • ES-81O - Overfrequency
  • ES-81U - Underfrequency
  • ES-81O/U - Over/Underfrequency
ES Relays may be used in locations where sophisticated, cost-effective protection is required. Locations include utilities, data centers, petrochemical, pulp and paper, and other industrial facilities. ES Series Protection Relays offer high-end, sophisticated protection, giving you the reliability and dependability you need.
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