AVC63-7, AVC63-7D, AVC63-7F, Voltage Regulator

Enjoy proven, dependable, high performance with Basler Electric's AVC line. These extremely rugged and reliable regulators provide performance and functionality that revolutionized the modern analog voltage regulator market, and they are still unrivaled today. Others have attempted to imitate the AVC's features and functions, but only the AVC remains the total solution.


  • Voltage regulation performance is constant over the entire operating temperature range without derating or degradation. Performance concerns about temperature fluctuation are eliminated because the AVC always performs.
  • Potted design allows installation in harsh environments.
  • Reduce or eliminate expensive service calls because of the reliable, rugged construction.
  • Integrated paralleling provides exceptional reactive-load sharing with simple setup for quick commissioning.
  • Volts-per-hertz limiting, overexcitation shutdown, provisions for external voltage adjustments, integrated paralleling provisions, and potted construction make the AVC line a good fit for most applications. It's the "universal" regulator that reduces inventory to one device on the shelf.
  • Small size for easy installation in virtually any generator terminal box.


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