BE1-11 RTD Module, Resistance Temperature Detector

The remote RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) Module provides easy expansion of the protection and metering capabilities of the BE1-11 Protection System. Analog and RTD inputs can be used for metering, control, and protection using 49RTD and Analog protection elements in each BE1-11. Analog outputs with available scaling can be used to drive meters and remote devices using metering data from within the BE1-11. Simplified and flexible communications options make installation and setup easy.


  • Easily adapt to many applications with selectable RTD and analog I/O types provided by remote RTD module.
  • Remote placement of module in harsh environments is possible through rugged, potted construction.
  • Double your RTD inputs and analog I/O when using two remote RTD modules with one BE1-11 Protection System.
  • Flexible communications with the BE1-11's choice of RS-485, fiber Ethernet, or copper Ethernet connection.
  • User notification of system status through reporting and alarm functions in the BE1-11 Protection System.
  • Analog input connection flexibility of 0 to 10 Vdc or 4 to 20 mA by transducers.
  • Eliminate long lengths of fragile RTD leads by mounting module near the point of measurement.



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