BE1-59NC, Neutral Overvoltage Relay

These relays provide sensitive protection for capacitor banks.


  • Helps avoid cascading capacitor failures.
  • Sensing circuit rejects harmonics and noise to achieve higher sensitivity to 50/60 Hz neutral voltage.
  • Includes an early warning alarm output on minor unbalances such as a blown fuse.
  • Can be set to trip when voltage across any capacitor exceeds 110% of nominal.
  • Minimized PT costs as a result of low sensing burden.
  • Reduced battery load with low burden power supply.
  • Accurate, repeatable, and reliable operation.
  • Simple HMI provides clear and intuitive settings for easy configuration.
  • LED targets provide clear annunciation of status.
  • Easily perform in-case system and device tests using test paddles.


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