SGC-150, Synchronous Generator Controller

The SGC-150 Synchronous Generator Controller is a prepackaged solution for applications requiring a single or dual DECS-150 Digital Excitation Control System. The system is preconfigured to adapt to a wide variety of installations including existing or new cubicles. With the DECS-150's enhanced capabilities, precise generator voltage control can be obtained. The SGC-150 is designed, built, and completely tested by Basler Electric, the leading authority in advanced excitation system technology.


  • The SGC-150 is programmed using BESTCOMSPlus®. BESTCOMSPlus® provides easy and intuitive logic diagrams to add flexibility to help create custom logic schemes designed to meet specific requirements. BESTCOMSPlus® is a PC software tool provided with every device.
  • An automatic tuning feature is integrated to provide excellent system performance while creating fast and easy generator commissioning. This can greatly reduce the time needed to commission the system.
  • Real time monitoring and event recording provide efficient response to any event that may happen in the system.
  • Prewired for easy installation.
  • Dual control power allows for redundancy to prevent an inadvertent shutdown.
  • CT shorting terminals for added arc flash safety.
  • Our system approach minimizes the need for system-level design time.
  • The Offline Simulator, provided in BESTlogic™Plus, helps identify and troubleshoot the logic without the physical hardware.
  • Design work done by the experts in excitation technology.
  • Leverages the advanced technology of the DECS-150 that offers reduced commissioning time, high-speed communications, expandable I/O, programmable logic, and more.



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