Basler Electric is a privately-held corporation with worldwide headquarters in Highland, Illinois. Additional facilities are located in Taylor, Texas; Piedras Negras, Mexico; Suzhou, China; and Singapore. Basler Plastics® is a wholly owned subsidiary located in San Marcos, Texas. E2 Power Systems, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary located in Littleton, Colorado and offers high quality engineering and installation services to the power generation, power distribution, and controls markets. Basler’s global presence helps us identify the needs of specific markets and applications worldwide and provide solutions with quality products and services to meet our customers’ requirements.

Core Purpose

Our core purpose is to enhance people’s lives by developing highly reliable solutions that add quality to their lives. This is achieved through innovation and performance of our core values.

Core Values

Our Ownership’s core values are the underlying attitudes and beliefs that shape and dictate our fundamental approach to all aspects of our business. We define our core values to be:

  • Integrity - We demonstrate the highest level of moral and ethical values, including honesty and personal integrity, to earn and maintain the trust and respect of our customers, suppliers, partners, communities, and employees.
  • Reliability - We provide dependable products and quality services that are the cornerstones of our business and on which we have built our solid reputation, as the Basler Electric name is synonymous with high reliability and quality products.
  • Conduct - We are absolutely committed to the highest ethical and moral standards in all of our business dealings.
  • Sustainability - We recognize the need to demonstrate to our customers and employees the highest level of long-term corporate performance. Basler Electric’s solid corporate track record, continuous forethought, and meticulous corporate planning provide security and long-term stability.

Our success depends on our employees’ integrity, initiative, innovation, and  “can do” attitude in their efforts toward pleasing our customers and consistently exceeding their expectations. It is who we are.


William L. Basler - Chairman of the Board and Treasurer

Gregory S. Basler - Vice Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

Gary D. Dolbeare - President and Chief Operating Officer

Matthew L. Basler - Vice President, Engineering

Kenneth S. Parker - Vice President, Finance and Corporate Secretary

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