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UNITROL ®F Excitation Systems

Utilize Basler Electric's Custom Approach to Lengthen the Life of your System

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Excitation Retrofit Options
W.T.U.I Conference

Stop by our booth for product presentations and demonstrations of BE1-11 Protection Systems, IDP-1500 Interactive Display Panel, and ECM-2 Excitation Control Module (for the DECS-2100).

3/18 - 3/21


New Plug-and-Play Replacements for GE PVD and ABB CO Electromechanical Relays

BE1-87B High Impedance Bus Differential Relay is a retrofit for GEPVD21B or PVD21D differential voltage relays

BE1-50/51B Overcurrent Relay is a retrofit for ABB (Westinghouse) CO relays

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