DECS-250E, Digital Excitation Control System

The DECS-250E Digital Excitation Control System provides accurate and reliable regulation, control, and protection for synchronous motors or generators. Three DECS-250E models are available to supply 50 Adc, 100 Adc, or 200 Adc of excitation current continuously in a static or rotary exciter application. All DECS-250E components are housed in a compact enclosure which makes for a simple and cost-effective installation in a variety of applications.


  • Reduce your setup time with Basler's intuitive BESTCOMSPlus® software that simplifies complex setup with simple drag-and-drop programmable logic, visual real-time strip chart capabilities, and cutting edge auto PID selection capabilities.
  • The revolutionary auto tuning function automatically establishes optimum gain settings, taking the guesswork out of system setup, reducing commissioning time and cost while maximizing overall system performance.
  • The Offline Simulator in BESTlogic™Plus helps test and troubleshoot logic without the need for expensive hardware.
  • A 50, 100, or 200 ampere positive forcing rectifier bridge can be selected to provide optimum response to the generator main or exciter fields.
  • Compact design for all excitation ratings allows the static excitation control system to be contained in a small enclosure.
  • Preconfigured programmable logic adds flexibility. A standard configuration can be adapted to create a custom logic scheme.
  • A full suite of generator and motor protection features for accurate fault detection and clearing, which helps eliminate dangerous and damaging conditions to the generator or motor.
  • Extensive communication options for easy integration into a wide variety of control systems.


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