CEM-2020, Contact Expansion Module

Enhance your ability to satisfy large and complex logic schemes and seamlessly increase the number of contact inputs and outputs by adding the CEM-2020 to the DGC-2020, DGC-2020ES, DGC-2020HD, DECS-250, DECS-250E, DECS-250N, or the DECS-450. Each module adds 10 inputs and 24 outputs that are easily programmed through BESTCOMSPlus® for easy integration into the system.

For instruction manuals, refer to the DECS-250, DECS-250E, DECS-250N, DECS-450, DGC-2020HD, DGC-2020ES, or DGC-2020 product page.


  • The rugged, potted design of the CEM-2020 provides ultimate reliability in extreme environments.
  • Enables easy addition of contact inputs and outputs through logic, reducing the need for external control devices, saving both time and money.
  • Connects to compatible devices via CAN bus and automatically integrates into BESTCOMSPlus® software for simple, quick configuration of complicated systems.



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