AEM-2020, Analog Expansion Module

Designed to work with Basler's DGC-2020, DGC-2020HD, DECS-250, DECS-250E, DECS-250N, and DECS-450, the AEM-2020 easily increases the functionality of these products by seamlessly adding analog inputs and outputs to their array of configurations. The AEM-2020 fully integrates into the PC software schemes and appears to the user as if it is internal to the DGC, DECS, and IEM.

For instruction manuals, refer to the DECS-250, DECS-250E, DECS-250N, DECS-450, DGC-2020HD, or DGC-2020 product page.


  • Easily connects to compatible devices when additional analog I/O is required to meet difficult specifications.
  • A wide variety of analog inputs make this module extremely useful by adding flexibility that can eliminate expensive external devices. Eight (8) 4-20 mA/0-10 Vdc inputs, eight (8) RTDs, two (2) thermocouple inputs, and four (4) fully-configurable analog outputs drive analog meters.
  • Rugged, potted design for the ultimate in reliability for extreme environmental applications.
  • Connects to compatible devices via CAN bus and automatically integrates into the BESTCOMSPlus® PC software. Fast to configure, simplifying commissioning of complicated systems.
  • Combine this additional I/O with the powerful programmable logic of the DGC-2020, DGC-2020HD, DECS-250, or DECS-450 and eliminate the need for an additional PLC or other peripheral devices, saving installation and purchasing costs.
  • Easily assigned trip points for the analog inputs can be scaled by the user to directly reflect the measured parameter.
  • A wide variety of generator parameters can easily be integrated into an overall protection and metering scheme to meet virtually any specification.



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