Voltage Regulation Experts

60 Years

Basler has been a leader in the voltage regulator market for over 60 years

Made in the USA

Our voltage regulators are designed in Illinois and manufactured in Texas

Digital Voltage Regulators (DECS Line)

  • Digital excitation control provides total system solutions in one compact package
  • Auto-tuning function automatically establishes optimum PID and gain settings, taking the guesswork out of system setup
  • RMS sensing and rugged power stage creates an easy, worry-free solution for applications containing high waveform distortion caused by non-linear loading

DECS-2100 DECS-450 DECS-250E SGC-250N SGC-250 DECS-250N DECS-250 DECS-150

Analog Voltage Regulators (AVC Line)

  • Proven and dependable operation over a full range of applications
  • Potted design allows installation in harsh environments
  • Standard volts-per-hertz limiting and overexcitation shutdown provide optimal performance and protection

AVC125-10 AVC63-12 AVC63-7 AVC-63-4

Basler's Retrofit Solutions

  • Retrofit options provide advantages of the latest technologies with simple installation and limited system adjustments
  • Plug-and-play replacement for Marathon® Electric's SE350, PM300, DVR®2000E, DVR®2000EC, as well as Basler SRA and SSR line of voltage regulators