SR Retrofit, SSR Retrofit, Voltage Regulators

The SR and SSR Retrofits are economical, direct replacements for Basler's SR and SSR voltage regulators. These retrofits are designed for simple installation and require few system adjustments.


  • Installation into the same space previously occupied by a Basler Electric SR or SSR regulator without additional mounting holes and/or hardware.
  • Terminal-to-terminal wiring allows quick field replacement of the original voltage regulator.
  • Integrated CT input burden matching provides compatibility with paralleling systems utilizing cross-current compensation.
  • An accessory input provides compatibility with devices such as var/power factor controllers or excitation limiters.
  • Same reliable operation as the original SR/SSR being replaced.
  • Standard retrofit kits easily replace multiple models, including custom models, of the Basler SR and SSR voltage regulators.


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