SMC-150 Promotional Page


Synchronous Motor Controller


The streamlined SMC-150 is a prepackaged solution for applications requiring precision, flexibility and simplicity. The system is preconfigured to adapt to a wide variety of existing or new installations. The SMC-150 offers many of the features found in the SMC-250, for those systems requiring less excitation current.

  • Intuitive BESTCOMSPlus® software simplifies complex setup with simple drag-and-drop programmable logic
  • The Offline Simulator in BESTlogic™Plus helps validate and troubleshoot the logic reducing commissioning time
  • Configurable protection allows you to easily customize your protection schemes
  • Prewired chassis for easy installation into new or existing enclosures
  • Flexible installation options are available to simplify adaptation to your system
  • Visual real-time monitoring capabilities
  • Basler's years of experience and advanced technological designs reduce the number of parts required for the SMC-150
  • A combination of excitation control and protection in one system results in greater efficiency and less downtime
  • Complete monitoring of a synchronous motor maintains safe and reliable machine operation for all conditions
  • Designed, built and tested by Basler - Basler is the only company to handle each system from start to finish
For more information, please view the SMC-150 product page