Our DECS-2100 Now Takes Up a Lot Less Room


The CRB-1400 Compact Rectifier Bridge provides up to 1,400 amperes of excitation power for synchronous machines and its compact size allows for
installation into DECS-2100 cubicles as shallow as 30 inches (762 mm). Multiple CRB-1400 units may be paralleled for higher output and redundancy.

The CRB-1400 is ideal for synchronous applications with small space requirements. DECS-2100 system enclosures equipped with CRB‑1400 rectifier bridges can be designed as shallow as 30 inches (762 mm). Additionally,  systems equipped with the CRB-1400 bridges can be installed flat against the wall with no need for rear access. From the intake and exhaust of the cooling fans to the location of serviceable parts, the CRB-1400 is designed for front-only access to save valuable floor space.

More information about the CRB-1400 can be found on the DECS-2100 product page
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