Introducing the BE1-11d - DC Power Protection System


Basler has provided the Electricity market with solutions for more than 75 years. Our history has included a wide variety of products for both ac and dc applications. In 1959, Basler Electric introduced its first solid-state voltage regulator. In the 1960’s, we introduced our first solid-state protective relays. In addition, in the 1970’s, we developed our first static dc excitation systems for controlling large-scale electric power generators. All of these developments, and developments since, have been designed and supported out of Highland, IL and manufactured in the USA.

The BE1-11d DC Power Protection System is a consolidation of our expertise in dc excitation systems and ac utility grade protective relays. It utilizes the signal monitoring and algorithms of our dc experience with the core manufacturing and capabilities of high performance protective relaying. The result is a solution applicable for almost any dc power application up to 1,500 Vdc nominal.

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