Basler’s Solution to Obsolete Toshiba Systems


Three major power facilities recently switched to the DECS-2100 from Toshiba’s Exciter Systems, citing the DECS-2100 is much easier to program and more reliable.

Basler’s DECS-2100 digital static excitation system offers a robust, reliable upgrade for aging Toshiba static excitation systems. For many plants, the entire control system can be replaced by the latest in microprocessor controlled Automatic Voltage Regulators, Input/Output Modules, Rectifier Controls and Field Ground Detection Circuits. This approach retains existing Toshiba power components such as the rectifiers and field control breaker. The result is a state-of-the-art digital excitation system at significantly lower cost than a complete replacement of the exciter.

All DECS-2100 digital static excitation systems interface with modern Distributed Control Systems such as Emerson Ovation™, GE Mark V, GE Mark VI, GE Mark VIe, Siemens T2k, Siemens T3k, and others. The DECS-2100 utilizes Basler’s intuitive BESTCOMS™Pro software for setup and configuration via Ethernet, Modbus or USB connections. The result is a modern approach to obsolete excitation controls.

Basler’s Solution to Obsolete Toshiba Systems (PDF) See more news