Introducing the DECS-450 Digital Excitation Control System


The next generation of Excitation System is here, the DECS-450 Digital Excitation Control System
Basler Electric is extremely pleased to introduce the DECS-450 Digital Excitation Control System as the newest product in our industry leading line of integrated excitation systems. The DECS-450 offers numerous technological advancements for the control of excitation and monitoring of synchronous generators and motors. Here are some of its many exciting features:
  • Enhanced voltage regulation accuracy at 0.10%
  • Five modes of excitation control
  • Powerful industry leading BESTCOMSPlus® PC Software
  • Integrated programmable logic
  • Integrated auto synchronizer with voltage matching
  • Automatic PID selection via our Auto tuning function
  • Enhanced communication capabilities
  • High-end generator and motor protection schemes
  • Configurable protection to allow for easy development of other protection elements
  • Load Sharing via Ethernet communications
  • Power system stabilizer with phase plot compensation
  • Backward compatibility for DECS-400 and DECS-300 systems
  • Automatic conversion of DECS-400 PID/Gain Settings to the DECS-450
  • Analog and digital I/O is easily expanded via modular components
With its simplified style chart, which defines the features of a standard controller, it is easy to select a technology-leading excitation system.
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