Basler Electric Makes Customizing Protection and Control Easy


Protection and Control Systems can be installed in various ways. Basler Electric continues to develop unique customization options to give our customers more flexibility to mount Basler protection and control devices in their facilities.

Our latest addition to the mounting accessories category has been designed for use when a customer desires to mount a BE1-11 on a pan chassis or back panel.

This Pivotable Projection Mounting Kit for J Case relays makes it easy to bring wiring in from either side of the BE1-11 Protection System by temporarily removing two bolts to allow the relay to pivot left or right, providing access to the rear terminal blocks.

Basler Electric offers cases, covers, connectors, mounting, batteries, and multiple miscellaneous accessories to aid in the testing, calibrating, and troubleshooting of Basler protection devices.

We also provide many mounting adapters to make retrofitting from a competitor's relay into a Basler Electric relay simple for the user to accomplish, saving both time and money.

Basler offers many rack mount, panel mount and DIN rail mounting accessories designed to seamlessly enable use of the full line of Basler Protection and Control devices.

For more information, visit the Protective Relay Systems section of the web site.
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