BE1-25A, Automatic Synchronizer

The BE1-25A is a microprocessor-based system that includes features to bring a generator on line with minimum delay. It can be configured for simple manual control or complete automatic control of generators.


  • Smooth synchronizing with minimum system impact provided by the anticipatory close signal.
  • Highly flexible design can be configured for optimum performance over a wide range of system characteristics from sensitive, asymmetrical low-inertia to high-inertia hydro systems.
  • One unit can control multiple systems with up to six different sets of breaker-closing parameters.
  • Test module facilitates testing via front-panel terminals.
  • Accurate, repeatable, and reliable operation using solid-state design. 
  • Minimized PT costs as a result of low sensing burden.
  • Reduce battery load with low burden power supply.
  • Simple HMI provides clear and intuitive settings for easy configuration without the use of a computer.


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