BE1-700V, Voltage Only Digital Protective Relay

A compact, voltage-only protective relay with multiple applications including bus, feeder, generator/motor, and cogeneration. The BE1-700 has been functionality enhanced compared to prior style versions. Please see the Feature Enhancement details below under benefits for further information.


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IEEE Device Functions
24 25 27 43 47 59 60 62
79† 81 101          

† Optional

  • Cost effective, high performance multifunction relay in current-only or voltage-only configurations.
  • Compact design requires minimal panel space.
  • Analyze system using available information from oscillography, sequence of events, and metering data.
  • Provides flexibility in configuring a protection and control system using BESTlogic™Plus.
  • Eliminate the need for additional meters and control switches with the programmable HMI.
  • Simplify integration with distributed control systems through two independent communication ports with Modbus® protocol support.


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