BE1-851, Digital Overcurrent Protection System with Drawout Construction

A compact multifunction system that provides three-phase, ground, and negative sequence overcurrent protection intended for use in nondirectional overcurrent applications including feeder, generator, cogeneration, and transformer backup applications.


IEEE Device Functions
43 46 50 51 62 79 101 50BF
  • Flexible configuration of a protection and control system using BESTlogic™.
  • Replace local indication and control functions with the programmable LCD display.
  • Simple integration with distributed control systems provided through three independent communication ports with Modbus® and DNP protocol support.
  • Minimize installation costs by limiting panel modifications with the choice of three case configurations.
  • Easily perform in-case system and device tests using test paddles in the S1 case configuration.
  • Accommodate complex protection schemes via the additional outputs provided with the BE1-851E.


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