BE1-87G, Variable Percentage Differential Relay

A single- or three-phase variable percentage differential relay designed to provide selective, high-speed, differential protection for generators, motors, and shunt reactors.


  • Easily meet system requirements with single- or three-phase input configuration.
  • Excellent security during external faults or other transients provided by balancing impedance in CT inputs.
  • Minimize potential damage to protected equipment through high-speed operation.
  • Provides adaptability for special applications such as split-winding generator protection with seven sensitivity levels.
  • Accurate, repeatable, and reliable operation.
  • Minimized CT costs as a result of low sensing burden.
  • Reduced battery load with low burden power supply.
  • LED targets provide clear annunciation of status.
  • Easily perform in-case system and device tests using test paddles.


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