BE1-CDS240, Current Differential Protection System with Voltage

A three-phase, 2-, 3-, or 4-restraint multifunction protection system that provides percentage-restrained differential protection along with overcurrent, voltage, frequency, breaker failure, control, metering, monitoring, and alarm functions.


IEEE Device Functions
24 27 43 46 47 50 51
59 60 62 81 87 87N 101
  • Complete protection and metering for two- to four-restraint differential applications with standard three-phase voltage and independent ground inputs.
  • Flexibility to configure the protection and control system with BESTlogic™ using 10 to 14 contact outputs and eight to 12 contact inputs, plus a dedicated alarm output.
  • Harmonic restraint prevents nuisance tripping during transformer inrush or overexcitation conditions.
  • Confirmation of proper CT connections provided by detailed differential check report.
  • "Virtual circuits" allow internal summing of two or three sets of current inputs for use in protection and metering.
  • Minimize costly panel changes when installing horizontal or vertical configurations. Both have drawout construction with CT shorting capability and fit cutout and drilling dimensions for many common Basler Electric, GE, and Westinghouse differential relays.
  • Simplify installation with internal compensation for all common combinations of delta, wye, and zig-zag connections. Phase shift and tap compensation are set automatically based on simple selection of transformer and CT connection, or on direct entry of IEC transformer vector groups through Graphical User Interface (GUI).
  • Nonvolatile storage of all target, oscillography, fault records, and Sequence of Events Record (SER) data.


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