MVC300, MVC301, MVC104, MVC108, MVC232, MVC112, MVC112X, MVC236, Manual Voltage Controllers

Manual voltage controllers are an integral part of a complete excitation system. These devices are utilized to control excitation in the event of an automatic voltage regulator failure. Basler MVCs can isolate the automatic voltage regulator and manually control the generator's output.


  • Provides the ability to manually control excitation in the event of a regulator failure or sensing transformer failure. This allows the operator to maintain power to critical and emergency loads until a repair can be made.
  • These controllers offer a variety of functionality to meet many manual backup applications.
  • Rugged field-proven designs that you can rely on in an emergency situation.
  • Some of the MVCs offer remote control capability so that the operator can be located outside the generator room.
MVC Model Nominal Input Voltage (Vac) Input Frequency (Hz) Output Voltage (Vdc) Output Current (Adc) Isolating Switch
104 120 50-400 110 7 Yes
108 240 50-400 220 7 Yes
112 120/240 50-400 32/63/125 12 Yes
232 60 50-400 55 20 Yes
236 60/120/240 50-400 32/63/125 36 No
300 120/240 50-320 32/63/125 7 Yes
301 120/240 50-320 32/63/125 7 Yes


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