Richard Schaefer Honored as Recipient of 2018 IEEE Meritorious Engineering Award


Recognized during a ceremony at the 2018 PPFIC technical conference, Rich has been with Basler for 46 years and a member of IEEE for 28 years.
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Introducing the SGC-150 Synchronous Generator Controller


The newest product in the Synchronous Generator Control (SGC) line of integrated excitation systems.
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New DECS-2100 Application Note


A Basler application note presents the benefits and forms of bridge redundancy.
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New Plug-and-Play Replacements for GE PVD and ABB CO Electromechanical Relays


Basler Electric is pleased to announce a new BE1-87B retrofit and a BE1-50/51B retrofit to its line of protective relays.
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Improved flexibility and simplicity: Basler listens


Generator system availability is important. When a machine is unable to start automatically as expected, backup provisions are needed. Based on customer feedback, Basler Electric upgraded and improved its IDP-801 Interactive Display Panel!
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Basler Awarded Lightning Gold Prize


"Lightning Award" for Quality presented to Basler Electric at the 2017 China Power Show.
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ES-25 with Ground Terminal


A ground terminal has been added to the ES-25 Sync-Check Relay.
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Software update notifications with your Basler online account


New complimentary service will keep you in the know. Find out how easy it is to enroll so you can receive automatic email notifications.
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Announcing acquisition of E2 Power Systems


Basler Electric Company, a manufacturer of excitation systems, voltage regulation products, protection relaying equipment, and genset controllers, announces the acquisition of E2 Power Systems of Littleton, CO.
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Introducing the VRM-2020


Basler Electric's new Voltage Regulation Module (VRM-2020) is an optional remote device for the DGC-2020HD designed to provide excitation to the field of a brushless exciter for automatic voltage regulation (var/PF control).
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New ES-55 Power Factor Relay


Basler Electric announces the latest addition to its line of ES Series Protection Relays.
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Introducing the HLT Feature for BE1-50/51B Plug-and-Play and Retrofit Relays


Basler Electric is pleased to introduce new BE1-50/51B Overcurrent Relays with the Hot Line Tag (HLT) feature.
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BE1-11: Now with Distance Protection – and more!


Basler Electric is pleased to announce the latest addition to its BE1-11 Multifunction Protective Relaying system. Distance protection is now available in our BE1-11f and BE1-11t versions for feeder and transformer protection applications.
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Easy Migration with Benefits: from DECS-15 to DECS-250


A Basler application note presents an overview of the easy migration from DECS-15 to DECS-250.
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