Announcing the New ES Series Protection Relays


Basler Electric is pleased to announce the newly designed ES Series Protection Relays. Designed to simplify protection, ES Protection Relays cover a wide range of applications including Generator, Transformer, Distribution, Process Control, Auto Transfer Schemes, and Motor applications.
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Introducing the DECS-150 Digital Excitation Control System


Basler Electric is pleased to introduce the latest digital voltage regulator in the DECS product family. The new DECS-150 extends the field-proven features, functions, and flexibility of the DECS product line.
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Announcing the Enhanced DGC-2020HD


New features in the enhanced DGC-2020HD Digital Genset Controller have taken this high-end controller, introduced last year, to the next level of performance.
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DECS-2100 Versatility Provides Front End Retrofit for EX2000 Digital Control


The technological advancements of generator controls in the late 1980s and early 1990s led to the emergence of digital excitation systems. These new systems were well received by both the industrial and utility markets containing brushless excited generators and the main field static exciter generator systems. Twenty-five years later, some of these original systems and their components can no longer be supported. There are several reasons and options to upgrade these systems — and Basler Electric has an economic solution.
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DECS-100 Available with 10A Rating


Basler Electric’s popular DECS-100 Digital Excitation Control System is now available in models capable of a continuous 10 Adc output excitation rating.
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Enhancements to Digital Voltage Regulators and Interactive Display Panels Provide Improved Usage with Synchronous Motor Applications


Basler Electric’s DECS-250 and DECS-250N Digital Excitation Control Systems and IDP-800 Interactive Display Panel have been enhanced for improved use with synchronous motor applications.
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Protecting Distributed Generation in California is Easier Now that the BE1-11 Protection System is PG&E Approved


The leading cause of protection misoperations is incorrect settings. Basler solves this problem by providing the easiest-to-set protection available.
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