Introducing the SMC-150 Synchronous Motor Controller


The SMC-150 Synchronous Motor Controller combines the DECS-150 Digital Excitation Control System, the ES-55 Power Factor Relay, and the ES-74S DC Millivolt Sensing Relay - prewired, configured, and tested - as a complete unit for easy installation. This compact solution is extremely well suited for a wide variety of applications up to 10 Adc of excitation current at 55°C.
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Basler’s Solution to Obsolete Toshiba Systems


Three major power facilities recently switched to the DECS-2100 from Toshiba’s Exciter Systems, citing the DECS-2100 is much easier to program and more reliable.
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Ken Rhodes Named President and Chief Operating Officer


The Board of Directors of Basler Electric has announced the promotion of Ken Rhodes to the position of President and Chief Operating Officer. Rhodes’ promotion follows the retirement of Gary Dolbeare.
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Creating an Alternative Generation Source that Maximizes Efficiency and Redundancy


A cryo processing facility with 23 generators used to provide eight megawatts of power capability for facility backup power and grid support for the local utility is looking for a solution to parallel these units and close them to the bus. The answer is the DGC-2020HD Digital Genset Controller and it only took 17 seconds!
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Introducing the BE1-11d - DC Power Protection System


The BE1-11d DC Power Protection System is a consolidation of our expertise in dc excitation systems and ac utility grade protective relays. The result is a solution applicable for almost any dc power application up to 1,500 Vdc nominal.
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Availability of Two New Configuration Options Add to Flexibility of the DGC-2020HD


Two new mounting configurations of Basler’s DGC-2020HD Digital Genset Controller are now available. The new DIN rail and rear panel mount options add to the flexibility of the already versatile DGC-2020HD. These new configurations allow the unit to be remotely mounted and monitored at the ideal location in a system.
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Our DECS-2100 Now Takes Up a Lot Less Room


The new CRB-1400 compact rectifier bridge that allows DECS-2100 cabinets to be as shallow as 30 inches (762 mm) without requiring rear system access while delivering up to 1,400 amperes of excitation power for synchronous machines.
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